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Major modification history of Label Studio.

From Ver1.287 to Ver1.289 [2008/08/05]

  • Added a function to display date and time in 3 digit alphanumerics. 
  • Added the Preview2 function (magnification setting enabled).
  • Fixed minor bugs. 

From Ver1.284 to Ver1.287 [2006/09/05]

  • Fixed a problem with the printing position being displaced when the 2D code size changes during data input when executing 180 degree rotation printing. 

From Ver1.282 to Ver1.284 [2005/06/15]

  • Added support for RSS barcodes and RSS composite symbols (CCA). 
  • Added a function allowing parts to be moved in 1mm increments by pressing Ctrl + Arrow, and 0.1mm increments with Ctrl + Shift + Arrow. 
  • Added support for L1000 (NITTO Ver.).
  • Fixed minor bugs. 

From Ver1.26 to Ver1.282 [2004/06/18]

  • Added an image display mode (transparent or opaque). Fixed a problem with the system freezing when selecting a printer with more than 43 sheets. 
  • Added functions to customized sequential numbers.
  • Added the EAN assist function. Fixed minor bugs.