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Audits and Internal Controls

In order to meet our social responsibilities as a business, the Nitto Group has independent divisions performing internal audits, which are useful for achieving effective internal controls and management objectives, under a system of checks and balances.

Audits (Internal Audits)

In an effort to contribute to improvements in business operations and performance, internal audits are performed to ensure that management activities are being performed accurately, legitimately, and reasonably by all of the companies within the Nitto Group. In addition, QES audits intended for quality, environmental and safety purposes are also conducted in order to ensure the safety of employees, customers and society.External audits are also conducted periodically.

Internal Controls
Basic Policies Related to Internal Controls have been created to ensure suitable business practices. “Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting” have also been developed in an effort to ensure the appropriate maintenance and operation of the control environment, risk evaluation and response, control activities, information and transmission, monitoring, and handling of information technology.
Basic Policies Related to Internal Controls
In accordance with Article 362 of the Companies Act and Article 100 of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Companies Act, we have established the Basic Policies Related to Internal Controls as follows.
  1. Internal controls to ensure that the execution of duties by Directors and employees of the Nitto Group complies with legal provisions and the Articles of Incorporation, and other internal controls to ensure suitable business practices within this business group
  2. Internal controls concerning retention and management of information associated with the execution of duties by Nitto’s Directors
  3. Rules and other systems concerning the management of loss risks at the Nitto Group
  4. Internal controls to ensure efficient execution of duties by Nitto’s Directors
  5. Internal controls concerning the reporting of matters to Nitto concerning the execution of duties by Directors and other members of the Nitto Group
  6. Internal controls to ensure efficient execution of duties by Directors and other members of the Nitto Group
  7. Matters concerning employees whose appointments have been requested by Nitto’s Corporate Auditors for assisting them in their duties, matters concerning independence of such employees from Directors, and matters concerning assurance of the effectiveness of instructions issued to such employees by Corporate Auditors
  8. Internal controls for Directors and employees of Nitto and Directors and other members of the Nitto Group to report to Nitto’s Board of Corporate Auditors (members) and internal controls to ensure that such reporters will not be treated unfavorably on the grounds of such reports
  9. Matters related to policies on procedures for prepayment or reimbursement of expenses incurred in the execution of duties by Nitto’s Corporate Auditors or concerning accounting of other expenses or debts incurred in the execution of the aforementioned duties
  10. Other internal controls to ensure execution of effective audits by Corporate Auditors

Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Nitto complies with the generally accepted evaluation standards of internal controls over financial reporting based on the requirements of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. Documentation and self-evaluation of internal controls are performed at bases targeted for evaluation within the Nitto Group, while an internal controls & audit department monitors self-evaluation results from an independent perspective.

In addition, the Internal Control Committee (consisting of the President, Chief Financial Officer [CFO], heads of each operating entity, etc.) has been established as an organization to deliberate on the effectiveness of internal controls throughout the entire Group. Final evaluation is performed by managers who take those deliberation results into account and sign the internal controls report (President and CFO).

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