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Nitto Denko (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd.

Company Detail

Manufacture, convert, sales synthetic rubber, stickiness, adhesive tapes; Importing & exporting wholesales of products and related products which is manufactured in (NTJ), Wholesales of the products which are purchased domestically.

Company Profile

Company Name Nitto Denko (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd.
Established Date 2004/Jul/28
Address 52 Wuweilu, Dongli Economic Developing Area, Tianjin, 300300, China 
TEL +86-22-2498-2105
FAX +86-22-2498-1310

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Company History

2004 Nitto Denko(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd forms in Tianjin, produce compound rubber tapes,in China.
2005 Operation start
Bigin to produce Nittohard and NVH products, converting Foam (NITTO EPTSEALER) and Double coated tape
2005 Begin to produce Bufflite
2006 Begin to produce Legetolex and SCF
2006 Begin to export BUFFLITE to NJ
2009 ISO14001&OHSAS18001 certification passed

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