Milan Design Week 5_10 September 2021

What is light?
Humans have pursued this question throughout the development of civilization.
In ancient Greece, medieval Arabia and Europe, philosophers unraveled the theory of light,
inspiring research that continues to this day.
Today, yesterday and tomorrow.
Light will always be essential to our lives.
Now, Nitto is exploring a new form of light.


The technology enabling new forms of light expression.
As light emerges from RAYCREA, we discover its new possibilities.
The joy of innovative light, with the power to
change our lives.


This exhibition explores the expressions and possibilities of RAYCREA in partnership with Kaoru Mende. The venue consists of three areas: Play with Light, Light is Material and Light in Architecture.

■ Play with Light

A labyrinth-themed installation that draws on the features of RAYCREA. Panels covered with RAYCREA film are illuminated, with the resulting layers of light and color providing a unique experience.

■ Light in Architecture

A presentation of various light expressions, based on Mende’s philosophy of “learn from nature”. The space also features a selection of Mende's architectural lighting works and video interviews, exploring the possibilities of RAYCREA technology.

■ Light is Material

An exhibit focusing on the technology and features of RAYCREA, introducing its potential uses in architecture, interiors, lighting equipment and products, landscapes and artistic expression.

Milan Design Week5–10 September 2021

RAYCREA is a technology producing new forms of light expression. Capturing light and color on its surface, RAYCREA opens up new possibilities for surface lighting. To explore these expressions and possibilities, Nitto has partnered with architectural lighting designer Kaoru Mende. For this exhibition, Mende selected the theme of labyrinth. When light hits glass or acrylic covered with RAYCREA film, the transparent panels take on light and color — a process Mende described as magical. Created by Mende, who has brought light to various architecture and urban projects, the labyrinth provides a glimpse into the future of light expression. Discover an exhibition bound to inspire both imagination and creativity.

  • Search for Light
  • Dates: 5 – 10 September 2021
  • Venue: Torneria Tortona (via Tortona32, Milan)
  • Organizer: Nitto
  • Il Quadrifoglio srl
  • Contemporary Communication Agency
  • Foro Buonaparte, 57 - 20121 Milan Italy
  • Email: |
  • Tel: +390236596033

Kaoru Mende

Architectural lighting designer. Born in Tokyo in 1950. Mende earned a master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts. In 1990, he founded Lighting Planners Associates Inc. The scope of his design and planning activities ranges widely, from residential and architectural to urban and environmental lighting design, while he is also the acting chief of the Lighting Detectives, a citizens’ group that specializes in the study of the culture of lighting. He has been involved in projects including Tokyo International Forum, JR Kyoto Station, Sendai Mediatheque, Roppongi Hills and China Central Television Headquarters. He has also received awards including the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Radiance Award, Japan Lighting Award, Japan Culture Design Award and Mainichi Design Award.

Kaoru Mende

Nitto (Nitto Denko Corporation)

Nitto is a Japanese manufacturer of high-performance materials. Globally, they provide a wide range of products, such as polarizing film, indispensable for displays of smartphones and TVs, industrial adhesive tape, automobile parts and medical supplies. Remaining faithful to the brand slogan, “Innovation for Customers,” Nitto continues to contribute to a better society and environment through its innovative products and services, and delivers technologies that shapes the future. For further information, please visit Nitto’s official website.



Developed by Nitto, RAYCREA is the light control technology enabling new forms of light expression. When applied to a glass or acrylic panel with a LED at its edge, RAYCREA film guides the light from the source, making the surface glow. Possessing a range of features, RAYCREA will open up new possibilities for surface lighting.

■ Wideness

Film with RAYCREA technology has no limitations in length, making it suitable for expansive surface lighting and allowing standard window glass and acrylic panels to be transformed into lights.

■ Distribution control

RAYCREA specializes in controlling the beam angle while illuminating surfaces. The film’s brightness varies depending on the angle, providing illumination in one direction, while reducing glare in others.

■ Duality

RAYCREA film captures light on one side, while remaining transparent on the other. When not emitting light, both sides retain the original transparency of the glass or acrylic panel.

■ Flexibility

The highly flexible film is thin and lightweight, allowing for the creation of highly expressive light-emitting surfaces both flat and curved. When illuminated with color and layered together, RAYCREA panels can produce a wide range of color, luminance and clarity.


Leading figures from a range of fields, including architecture, product design and visual expression, were among the first to experience RAYCREA. As leaders in exploring new possibilities of both expression and technology, how do they see the potential of RAYCREA?