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Garmin Barcelona Triathlon 2015

After the harsh conditions of last year’s triathlon due to the bad weather in the morning, the Nitto Iberica team took on the challenge to participate again at the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon. A triathlon is a combination of swimming, cycling and running. The Garmin Barcelona Triathlon is 1.5km swimming in open sea, 40km of cycling and 10km of running. No need to mention that a good preparation is the key to success.

This year’s team consisted of ten people: a mix of colleagues and family members. Everybody finished and some of them even broke their personal record.

Ramon Garrote: “This is my second Barcelona Garmin Olympic distance triathlon, two year ago I did 3h in total and this year I was able to move to 2h35min thanks to the training done. The race started with swim that is my worse segment but in the bike segment I felt in very good condition and I was able to have a great time, then comes the run where I am normally spent most of my training and I started to feel a lot of pain in my knee. I was first of the team and this push me to overcome and have also a great final 10km. the experience was great, now I am still tired but ready for the next challenge. Thanks Nitto for another great experience.”

Santi Talo: “This is my 5th Garmin, every year more training and improving previous year performance. The experience is always great, triathlon with friends is a great challenge, one team spirit. What counts is finalizing the triathlon and to be able to celebrate all together. Thanks Nitto for the support, this makes us proud of where we are and what we have achieved.”

Interested in taking up the challenge yourself? This is the training schedule of Santi Talo: I start with a 1.5km swim each week three months prior to the race. Four weeks before the race I increase to two, even three times a week. Next to swimming I run twice a week about 20-30km, and on top of that I cycle about 50-60km a week. Good luck!

The Nitto Iberica team ready for the start!

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