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Safety monument at Nitto Europe

On Friday the 10th of April, the safety monument at Nitto Europe was revealed in the presence of Mr. Umehara, Senior Vice President of Nitto Denko Corporation; Mr. Nabata, President of Nitto Europe and Mr. De Boeck, Director Operations of Nitto Europe.

The safety monument is the symbol of our pledge to avoid every possible accident at Nitto Europe and will count the days without accident with leave. The location of the safety monument has been carefully selected. It is positioned right in front of the main entrance of our company. This way everybody, employee and visitor, will be reminded that we all are responsible for safety.

The safety monument at Nitto Europe is identical to the one at the Toyohashi factory in Japan. Both factories are producing similar products. This unites both factories in their effort to become companies without accidents.

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