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Rimozione di corpi estranei

Per la rimozione di materiali estranei dal mandrino per wafer

Il Cleaning Wafer (wafer di pulizia) viene utilizzato per rimuovere le piccole particelle rimaste sui bracci robotici o sulle tavole con mandrino delle apparecchiature per la produzione dei semiconduttori.
Cleaning Wafer

Remove garbage, pollen, dust

Every day made easy. A clean and enjoyable cleaning tool.

Collecting dust in the air

Micro filter lets through the clean air by shutting out water and dust.
For Filtering Purposes NTF 9000 Series

Water and wind won't pass through, but air and moisture vapor do. This film truly breathes.

Air permeability can be controlled by the base material used and amount of adhesive coating, while adhesive properties can be controlled by the selected adhesive and amount of coating.


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