Vision of the Optical Communication Business

Making the Ultra-Smart Society
More Accessible with
"Connective Technology"
Through Optical Communications

With new technologies such as 5G and IoT, communication continues to get faster and capable of handling higher capacity, moving information transmission further into the optical era. As the digitalization of our society accelerates, the importance of optical fibers that can support advanced information and communication networks will undoubtedly continue to increase into the future.

To prepare for the transition into an ultra-smart society, Nitto plans to develop and apply the "connected technology" of optical communications through utilizing technology developed thus far and through its access to a wide range of different industries.

The goal is to make high-speed communication a reality within safe and secure living spaces all around the world.

Creating Innovation to Allow for More Comfortable Lives

In the near future, Nitto is planning to strategically invest its management resources into the three key areas of "Power & Mobility," "Digital Interface," and "human life." Within these key areas, we believe that by combining the core technologies developed by Nitto through collaboration with external partners will allow us to confront the challenges of creating the new ideas required for innovation that will lead to making healthier and more comfortable lives for people all over the world a reality.

The key areas for Nitto in order to contribute broadly to help resolve global issues

Taking Up the Challenge to Implement Optical Technology Across All Different Fields

In order to help make an ultra-smart society a reality, Nitto has developed innovative Plastic Optical Fibers (POF) capable of high-quality data communication. With the introduction of 5G worldwide, we can thus contribute to the implementation of all different fields such as telemedicine, autonomous driving, and virtual reality (VR) within next-generation communication networks that require higher speeds and wider bandwidth.

Creating Technology to Build the Future

Nitto's research and development aims to protect and improve the global environment while raising the quality of life for people through technological development. To accomplish this, we are constantly striving to increase the value of technology through our core technologies of adhesives, optical design, porous separation, surface control, and deepening thin film formation, as well as actively introducing new technology from external partners.
In our POF business, which began in 2017 through collaboration with external partners, we were successful in developing our own plastic optical fibers using extrusion molding technology that Nitto developed using optical films. In addition, integrating Nitto’s polymer waveguide and circuit board technology to allow for the creation of original photoelectric conversion modules used in AOCs.
With its focus on product development in order to realize a sustainable environment and society, starting with the recycling of plastic materials, Nitto will continue to use technology to build the future, a future full of excitement and surprises.

Nitto’s POF is the Embodiment of Technology Integration through Collaborating with External Partners
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