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Relaunch of Our Global Website

Today, Nitto Denko Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka, Japan; President: Yukio Nagira) is pleased to announce the relaunch of its global website in its efforts to contribute to the company's global business expansion.


The year 2018 will commemorate our company's 100th business anniversary, and in addition to enhancing our existing businesses, we are working hard on developing new areas of business such as the "green, clean, and fine" (environmental, new energies, and life sciences) field, while also concentrating our efforts in the creation of top-share products (Area Niche Top® Products) in emerging countries and other areas. Furthermore, starting from October 1, "Nitto Denko" will be referred to as "Nitto" and the brand mark will be innovated as part of our efforts to secure sustainable growth in the global market through pursuit of many other strategies.
Among these strategies, we determined that it was necessary to construct new global websites, which have common functionality and design, in order to develop a standardized global strategy that utilizes our websites to improve business productivity as well as promote our global business, especially in emerging countries.

  • ※“Area Niche Top®” is a trademark and registered trademark of Nitto in Japan and/or other countries.

Construction of the New Websites

Our new websites feature a completely revamped design, which utilizes our new brand mark, and we have added various enhancements such as a powerful product search function that makes it much easier for customers to use our website.
From October 1, we will be opening our completely renewed Japanese website as well as 3 other websites including our global website ( and websites for India ( and Turkey ( Following this, we will be launching new websites for emerging countries such as Brazil, while we also renew our current European, American, and Chinese websites.

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