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Press Release 2013


Nitto Denko Group Branding Reform

On October 1, 2013, the Nitto Denko Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka Japan, President: Yukio Nagira) will renew the Nitto Denko Group trade name and logo.

Background and Purpose of Branding Reform

Toward its 100th anniversary in 2018, the Nitto Denko Group has been committed to further expand into new business areas such as Green (Environmentally Friendly), Clean (New Energy), and Fine (Life Science) business domains, and to develop ANT (Area Niche Top™) products* in emerging countries including China, India and Brazil. In order to further expand business, it is essential for the group to inform various stakeholders, including worldwide customers, about Nitto’s offerings. Thus, in an effort to strengthen the Nitto brand, it was determined that the group would change its trade name to “Nitto” and renew its corporate logo from the current combination of the company name and logo. 
Under the new branding, Nitto will pursue opportunities in various business domains without being limited by the word “Denko” (Electric Industries), and strive to achieve continuous growth by increasing the awareness of the Nitto brand worldwide with a more recognizable logo. 

(*) ANT Product is a product that can achieve top market share in either a country or each distinct region of a country by meeting the target market’s specific needs.

New Logo

The new logo is a rendering of the trade name “Nitto” in a design that is simple, yet elegant, and easily recognizable. The logo denotes a sense of movement with Nitto Blue as a base color and Nitto Red as a lively accent.

Date of Change

October 1, 2013
The official company name remains “Nitto Denko Corporation.”

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