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Nitto’s Tele Cold Seal cable joint closure system

This system presents a new method of joint closures on all types of applications with non-pressurised cables. The joint closures have been tested both in the laboratories and in the field. This system has a long and proven experience in the field and has perfect quality records since many years in Scandinavia. It is very easy to perform and is very reliable, this can save a lot of time and money. A knife and your own hands are the only tools you need.

The self fusing sheet, which is the main component in the method, is especially developed composite material which mostly contains EPDM based material and a modified petrolatum adhesive with the necessary elasticity and extremely good adhesion. This is a cold applied system, you do not need an external heat source!

The self fusing joint kits are available in 4 different sizes for use on all non-pressurised cables up to 400 pairs. All our kits and services boxes can be customised to your need, taking into account your local requirements and legislations.

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