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TV/Monitor [Liquid Crystal]

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For fixing various parts

Double sided tape with a small trace of organic solvent

Low-VOC solvent-free double sided tape with excellent repeelability


For sealing in the 100 μm microscopic space

This highly-workable foam body is flexible and ultra-thin for sealing microscopic clearance gaps.

Ultra-thin, high-recovery gasket sealing foam

This foam body is flexible, low stress, and environmentally friendly.


LCD optical film

The standard for LCD optical film.

LCD optical film

As an LCD polarizing film, it offers impressive transparency, reliability, and workability.


LCD optical film

Maintains a wide viewing angle by controlling the refractive index.

Birefringent phase difference material

By controlling the refractive index in a three-dimensional direction, phase difference change is controlled via viewing angle.


This film improves LCD brightness.

APCF using polarization separation function

Brightness enhancement film (APCF)

Increases light efficiency, and enhances LCD screen brightness.

Brightness enhancement film (APCF)

For attaching LED

Double sided tape with radiation performance

Double sided tape offering excellent adhesion and heat conductivity

Featuring heat dissipation and flame-retardant properties

TR series

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