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The microscopic filter shuts out water/dust and allows passage of clean air only.

TEMISH delivers both air permeability and dust & water-resistance so TEMISH can be used in many various applications.
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  • Its high air permeability enables the adjustment of internal pressure of automotive parts, cellular phones, home electric appliances, OA parts and exterior equipments thus preventing damages of cases due to internal pressure change.
  • It exhibits waterproof/dustproof functions while maintaining high air permeability, preventing water intrusion and/or contamination.
  • Various pore sizes and products laminated with various backing materials are available. Various needs are met by our line-up of variations.
  • We also provide processing service for optimal pore sizes and shapes.

Application examples

Punched Products

Type Membrane filter product code No.
[Except for Double-coated tape numbers ]

Membrane features
[Representing value]

permeability *1
Water entry pressure
Gurley frazir
Membrane material S-NTF8031 0.13 5 - 100 Organic EL,Medical bottled caps
Laminated General Type S-NTF1026-N06 0.10 10 - 200 Sheet sensors, cellular phones, communication simple, audio equipments, automotive lights
S-NTF1033-N06 0.10 - 5 7
S-NTF1026-N01 0.35 10 - 200
S-NTF1033-N01 0.35 - 5 7
S-NTF1026-C02 0.15 10 - 200
Laminated Oil repellent type S-NTF2122A-S06 0.20 35 - 400 Shavers, cellular phone, automobile ECU, horns, toner cartridges, ink cartridges
S-NTF2131A-S06 0.20 12 - 100
S-NTF2133A-S06 0.20 4 - 30
S-NTF2131A-PS06 0.20 12 - 100
Laminated Black colored type S-NTF3026-N06 0.10 10 - 200 Cellular phone 、(water-resistant), communication device
S-NTF3033-N06  0.10  -  5  7


  • *1: JIS L 1096 Gurley method B, JIS L 1096 Frazier test method.
  • *2: JIS L 1092 B method (high water pressure).
  • *The data is representing value,not guaranteed performance.

Punched products

TEMISH Capseal


  • The filter is protected by the cap to prevent direct damage to the surface of the membrane.
  • High water resistance, high permeability, and oil repellent types are available.
Item Feature Main
Air permeability
Water entry pressure
C2-NTF1026-L01 High water resistance Fog lamps,
rear lamps
Black 50*1 100*3
C2-NTF9208-L01 High water resistance Head lamps,
rear lamps
Gray 1500*1 20*2
C2-NTF130SL High air permeability Head lamps Brown 13000*1 3*2
C2-NTF210SL High Oil repellent and water resistance Fog lamps Blue 50*1 100*3
C2-NTF220SL High Oil repellent and water resistance Rear lamps Green 1500*1 20*2


  • *1: Permeation volume at differential pressure 1kPa
  • *2: JIS L1092 A method (low water pressure)
  • *3: JIS L1092 B method (high water pressure)
  • *The data is representing value,not guaranteed performance.



TEMISH® Z sries

temish_001_img_Z3-NTF201SE_sgtructure_txt temish_001_img_Z_PLUG_txt
Item Unit Z3-NTF210SE Z-PLUG-S
Air flow rate sec / Piece
 (Gurley number)
cm3/min at1kPa 130
Water bearing
kPa 210
IPX9K With Waterproof Barrier Without Waterproof Barrier

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