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Surface Protection Tape with anti-slip property SLIPGUARD 4222E

Nitto SLIPGUARD 4222E is a surface protection tape, which protects floors and surfaces against staining and abrasion around production areas or during construction work.

The unique concept of a special ‘Anti-slip’ embossed PP carrier combined with a high tack acrylic-based adhesive, reduces the risk from falling or slipping and increases the safety level on construction sites.
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  • Anti-slip film
  • Easy to apply
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Easy to remove after use
  • Recyclable


  1. Pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive
  2. White embossed polypropylene film


Adhesive type Acrylic-based
Film type Embossed polypropylene film
Total thickness 210 µm
Adhesion to BA steel 400 cN/20 mm
Tensile strength MD 120 N/20 mm
Elongation MD 600%
Weatherability to BA steel None
Color White


SLIPGUARD 4222E protects all kind of smooth and rougher surfaces, like chipboard, wood and carpet, against dust, foot prints, construction material, paint and water.
The product is also used to protect spray cabins and aircraft wings during repair and maintenance.

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