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Surface Protection Tape general purpose SPV 3100H-series

SPV 3100H-series are surface protection tapes suitable to protect metal surfaces and rough plastics during mechanical processes, storage and transportation.

These products consist of a PE film in various colours, coated with a pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive.
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  • Increased mechanical protection 
  • High adhesion level
  • Good weatherablility (SPV 3104H5)
  • Recyclable


  1. Pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive
  2. PE film


Typical Value Test Method
Film type PE film
Adhesive type Rubber-based
Total thickness 0.100 mm EN 1942
Adhesion on BA steel 250 cN/20 mm EN 1939
Weatherability on BA steel* ISO 4892-2
SPV 3103H (Black) 300 hours
SPV 3104H5 (Black/White) 600 hours
Tensile strength MD** 35 N/20 mm EN 14410
Elongation MD 300% EN 14410
Transport and storage conditions Temperature 15 to 30 °C
Relative humidity 40 to 75% RH

* The weatherability is measured on BA steel. Depending on the substrate the weatherability performance can be different.
** MD = Machine Direction
CAUTION: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications.
Details from the test methods are described on the customer product specification.


SPV 3100H-series are ideal products to protect rough, textured and low gloss surfaces. Typical substrates are stainless steel, anodised aluminium, plastics and coated metals (acrylic, PUR, polyester and epoxy powder coatings).

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