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Surface Protection Tapes or metals SPV 30800series

SPV 30800 series are surface protection tapes suitable to protect metal and plastic surfaces during mechanical processes, storage and transportation.

These products consist of a PE film in various colours, coated with a pressure sensitive rubberbased adhesive.
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  • Medium adhesion level
  • Recyclable
  • Substrate identification and inspection


  1. Pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive
  2. PE film*

            SPV 3088A5 : Clear transparant

            SPV 30804 : Black and white


Adhesive type Rubber-based
Film type Polyethylene film
Total thickness 80 µm
Adhesion to BA steel 100 cN/20 mm
Tensile strength MD 30 N/20 mm
Elongation MD 250%
Weatherability to BA steel None
Color Clear transparent (SPV 3088A5)
Color Black and white (SPV 30804)


SPV 30800 series are ideal products to protect metal surfaces such as stainless steel, anodised aluminium, coated metals and plastic substrates such as PMMA, Polystyrene, PVC and PC.

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