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Surface Protection Tape rough surfaces SPV 4075

SPV 4075 is a surface protection tape suitable to protect matt, rough and irregular surfaces during light mechanical processes, storage and transportation.

The tape consists of a blue transparent PE film coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive.
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  • Rough surface protection
  • High adhesion level
  • Good wetting behaviour
  • Good humidity resistance
  • Substrate identification and inspection
  • Recyclable


  1. Pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive
  2. Blue transparent polyethylene film


Adhesive type Acrylic-based
Film type Polyethylene film
Total thickness 70 µm
Adhesion to BA steel 185 cN/20 mm
Tensile strength MD 25 N/20 mm
Elongation MD 250%
Weatherability to BA steel 25 h
Color Blue transparent


SPV 4075 is an ideal product to protect matt, rough and irregular surfaces, like plastics, lacquers and laminates. Furthermore it’s a perfect solution for matt and textured PVDF or polyester lacquered substrates.
This tape covers gloss levels varying from 35% to 45%.

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