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Surface Protection Tape with unique deformation behaviour SPV 224PR-MJ

SPV-224PR-MJ is a PVC base surface protective tape that complies with RoHS2 regulations.

This product can be used outside due to their special pressure sensitive adhesive.
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  • Special acrylic adhesive allows outdoor use
  • Suitable for processing of stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, nameplates, etc.


  1. Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  2. PVC film
  3. Silicone base release coating


Item Unit Typical Value
Film type PVC film
Colour Blue transparent or clear transparent
Adhesive type Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Total thickness mm 0.075
Adhesive strength *1 cN/20mm 100
Unwinding Force *2 cN/20mm 20
Tensile strength *3 N/20mm 65
Elongation MD *3 % 240%
Weatherability *4 Residue not allowed

*1: Adherend SUS430BA, Tensile speed 0.3m/min, Peeling angle 180°, Dwell time 20-40 min.
*2: Tensile speed 0.3m/min
*3: Tensile speed 0.3m/min, Tensile strength and Elongation at breaking point
*4: Adherend SUS430BA, Tensile speed 0.3m/min, Peeling angle 180°, Residue not allowed after 750 hours in sunshine weather-o-meter chamber under 108 minutes light and 18 minutes spray condition.


  • Surface protection for stainlesssteel plates, aluminum plates and name plates during processing.
  • Storage of glass, alminum sashes, etc.

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