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V-8AR has an ideal adhesion level to keep the wafer on place during wafer dicing and shows a stable adhesion strength behavior on silicon wafer in function of time. 

The tape has an excellent deformation behavior and elongation to allow ideal stretching during wafer processing. 

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  • Good adhesion stability in applied state (after taping).
  • Excellent pick-up ability and good chipping performance.
  • Tape has good expandability because of its PVC base film.
  • Low organic contamination (by Electron Spectroscopy Chemical Analysis).
  • Recommended chip size is 0.8mmsq – 5mmsq.


  • Nitto Semiconductor Wafer Tape, V-8AR is an ideal product for processing semiconductor wafers, to be applied on the backside of the wafer (non-active side). 


Property Unit ELP V-8AR
Thickness [µm] 75
Adhesion on mirror si-wafer [N/20mm] 1.2
Colour: Light Blue (Translucent)

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