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Electro Conductive Die Attach Film(Under Development)

Electro conductive die attach film is for bonding chips onto a leadframe that requires electro conductivity.

The Electro conductive Die Attach Film is combined with dicing tape (2 in 1 structure). Electro conductivity is as high as conventional conductive paste. Because of the 2 in 1 structure, the electro conductive die attach film is attached when the dicing tape is laminated on a wafer so that it can reduce the customer’s processes. In addition, the electro conductive die attach film contributes to make the package smaller because the material does not bleed out from the chip edge after die bonding.
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Stable pick-up performance thanks to the adoption of the market-proven technology of ELEP MOUNT (die attachment film).

  • Excellent pick-up performance.
  • Excellent dicing performance for small chip like analogue or discrete devices, etc.
  • Excellent electric and thermal conductivity.
  • No die tilt and bleed out to make package smaller.
  • High adhesion for high speed die attach process.


  • Discrete devices (Diode, Transistor and so on) using solder or electro conductive paste.
  • Analogue, LSI devices with necessary high heat dissipation.

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