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EPT-Sealer EE-1010

EPT-Sealer EE-1010 is a semi-closed cell EPDM foam laminated with an acrylic-based double-coated adhesive tape for excellent sealing properties.

The semi-closed cell structure of EPT-Sealer EE-1010 combines the flexibility of open cell types with the excellent sealing capabilities of closed cell types (after compression). This unique foam is laminated with a acrylic-based double-coated adhesive tape to seal (complex) gaps against water, wind, dust, noise and heat.
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  • Semi-closed cell structure
  • Super soft / conformable
  • Low compression load
  • Ozone resistance
  • Good weatherability
  • Fungus free
  • Excellent ageing performance
  • Good water sealing
  • Good sound insulation


  1. Semi-closed cell EPDM foam
  2. Acrylic-based adhesive
  3. Non-woven carrier
  4. Acrylic-based adhesive
  5. Release liner


Foam thickness 3 - 30 mm
Tensile strength 90 kPa
Elongation 430%
Density 95 kg/m³
Compression load (50%) 5 kPa
Waterabsorption (50%) 301%
Watertightness (65%) No leakage


EPT-Sealer EE-1010 is especially designed to seal (complex) gaps against water, wind, dust, noise and heat. Depending on the applications, the foam needs to be compressed between 50-80% to activate its sealing properties.

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