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NITOFLON® Adhesive Tape

Excellent heat resistance,insulation, sliding, chemical resistance NITOFLON No.903UL/No.9030UL

Adhesive tape coated with single surface silicone adhesive on Fluoroplastic Film.

Fluoroplastic High-strength Adhesive Tape NITOFLON No.9230S

Adhesive tape with excellent features such as heat resistance, chemical resistance and non-adhesiveness.

Fluoroplastic High-strength Adhesive Tape NITOFLON No.923UL

For roll wrapping of polyethylene laminators, etc.

Fluoroplastic High-strength Adhesive Tape NITOFLON No.923SL

Specially oriented PTFE adhesive tape with excellent tensile strength and flame resistance.

Fluoroplastic Semiconductive Adhesive Tape NITOFLON No.903SC

Semiconducting fluoroplastic adhesive tape for static protection.

Fluoroplastic Saturated Glass Cloth Tape NITOFLON No.973UL-S/973UL

Excellent heat resistance, releasing property and mechanical strength. Contribution to the heat-resistant releasing of heat sealing equipments.

PTFE Film-based Silicone Adhesive Tape P-422 NAT

Multi-functional tape offering excellent strength, elongation, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

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