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UV Curing Resin NT-UV Series

Utilized for optical components such as an optical lens, an adhesive or molding compound. Excellent dimensional stability enables nano-sized processing.

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  • NT-UV series is a liquid resin which is cured by UV and after heat treatment.
  • Available in a wide lineup as refraction index of 1.47-1.62.
  • Excellent dimensional stability with very little shrinkage factor when hardening.
  • High heat resistance (reflow condition).

Product form

Available in bottled packages.


  • Optical components such as an optical lens, micro lens, adhesive, molding compounds.
  • Formed ultrastructure by inkjet or nano-print.


Product No. NT-01UV NT-32UV NT-59UV
(Before curing)
Viscosity (Pa·s) 0.07 3.5 16
Refraction index of liquid 1.45 1.50 1.57
(After curing)
Refraction index of solid 1.47 1.52 1.59
Abbe 59 54 31


  • * The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.

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