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Double-coated Tapes 5790PE series

Nitto 5790PE series are double coated foam tapes, based on a cross linked polyolefine foam, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, having excellent bonding properties, especially on low energy surfaces.

Available in different thicknesses.
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  • Excellent holding properties
  • Excellent repulsion resistance
  • Good shock absorbance
  • Adhesion on a wide range of materials (especially on polyolefine)
  • Absorb irregularities of the substrate
  • Good impact resistance
  • Sound dampening and sealing properties
  • RoHS compliant


  1. Modofied acrylic adhesive
  2. Polyolefine foam carrier
  3. Modified acrylic adhesi
  4. Paper release liner


Adhesive type Pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive
Tape thickness 5790PE8: 0,9mm / 5790PE10: 1,1mm
Release liner White PE coated paper (125g/m²)
Carrier type Anthracite crosslinked polyolefine foam
Adhesion value 1700 cN/20mm
Release value 30 cN/50mm
Static shear 1,0 mm/3h


Nitto 5790PE series are designed for bonding metal sheets, nameplates, emblems, glass parts and a wide range of plastics to several substrates.

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