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Splicing Tape Split 'n' Go-Series

Nitto Split ‘n’ Go is an integrated splice system for the paper and printing industry.

Thanks to the combination of Nitto Denko premium adhesive splice technology and special carrier technology, highest splice efficiency is secured without the need of labels and complex splice patterns .
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  • Easy to apply, reducing risk of splice failures
  • Quick splice preparation
  • No reduction of speed
  • No air pockets due to acceleration
  • No need of splicing tabs
  • Repulpable according to TAPPI Method UM-213-A
  • RoHS complaint (2002/95/CE)


  1. Release liner
  2. Splittable strip
  3. Reel closing adhesive
  4. Flying splice adhesive
  5. (Aluminium carrier) ->split 'n'go -Detect (E)


Adhesive type Water soluble modified acrylic
Tape thickness (paper) 0,105 mm
Tape thickness (printing) 0,100 mm
Release liner Siliconised white paper
Carrier type white paper
Carrier type (aluminium) aluminium paper
Adhesion value 650 cN/20mm
Adhesion value (aluminium) 1000 cN/20mm
Release value 18 cN/50mm
Release value (aluminium) 20 cN/50mm


Split ‘n’ Go is the solution for splicing at high speed with automatic roll change in paper and printing industries. The product can be used on all kind of coaters, sheeters, super calenders and “flying pasters”.

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