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Double-coated Tapes 68220

Nitto double-coated tape 68220 consists of a foam carrier, coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It can be used for a wide variety of mounting applications, mainly for touch panel mounting. We offer this product in different thicknesses which enables freedom of design.

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  • good push out and drop impact resistance 
  • adhesion on a wide range of materials
  • absorb irregularities of the substrate
  • sound dampening and sealing properties
  • waterproof (according to IPX7, IPX8 testings)
  • RoHS compliant


  1. Modified acrylic adhesive
  2. Polyolefine foam carrier
  3. Modified acrylic adhesive
  4. PE coated printed paper release liner


Adhesive type Modified acrylic adhesive
Tape thickness 0,20 mm
Release liner Siliconised white PE-coated paper with green Nitto print (125 gr/m²)
Carrier type Anthracite crosslinked polyolefine foam
Adhesion value 1400 cN/20mm
Release value 10 cN/50mm
Static shear 0 mm/3h


Nitto 68220 is used to mount glass and plastic parts into electronic devices, such as touch panels, speaker parts. Thanks to it’s typical density it can also be used for its cushioning effect.

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