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Double-coated adhesive tapes CV2010

For use on home appliances. Adheres well to plastic molding for name plate.

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  • Offers great initial tack and bonding.
  • Provides superior bonding reliability and component bonding performance for all type of substrates.
  • Proves to be highly workable.
  • The six hazardous materials restricted by the RoHS directive are not compounded.


  • Bonding of metal, plastic and other various components
  • Bonding display nameplates and other such applications where bonding is needed.


Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [m]
0.10 5 to 1200 50
*For other sizes, please contact us.


Substance Measurement standard
Stainless Steel Plate     9
Aluminium Plate 7
Poly Proplylene Plate 7
ABS Plate 13
Acrylic Plate 13
Poly Styene Plate 15
Poly Carbonate Plate 10
Polyster Film 11

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Business Hours (WET) 8:00h-17:00h (Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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