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Vinyl Tape for Electric Insulation No.21

Environment-friendly, lead-free type vinyl tape for electrical insulation.

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  • Offers excellent electrical insulation. Properties do not deteriorate after using, so it continues to provide reliable insulation.
  • Has minimal flagging, and offers reliability for wiring.
  • Easily cut by hand.
  • Superior initial adhesion.
  • Convenient for color coding of wiring with 9 color variation.


Standard Size

Thickness[mm] Width [mm] Length[m] Color
0.2 19 20 Transparent, black, gray, white, red, yellow, blue, green, brown


Property Unit No.21
Adhesive strength (to stainless steel plate) N/19mm width 3.95
Tensile strength 64.7
Elongation [%] 240
Volume Resistivity [log ohm cm] 13.8
Withstand Voltage [add 5000V・1minute] Withstand

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Business Hours (WET) 8:00h-17:00h (Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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