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Label <DURATACK> Series

DURATACK Series combines Nitto Denko’s original film synthesis technology with adhesive technology, for nameplate and heat resistant labels with various FA applications.
For high performance heat transfer labeling needs for FA applications, choose Nitto Denko’s DURATACK Series.
The DURATACK series's list of UL standards (UL969).

Labels, Superior Resistance to Solvents DURATACK 10PN, PONK

Printing is not dissolved even when wiped with organic solvents.

Weather-resistant Labels for Outdoor Use DURATACK PF100

Weather-resistant label that will not deteriorate under sunlight(UV rays).

Labels for General Nameplates DURATACK PT

A general purpose nameplate label.

Silicone-free, Clean Labels DURATACK PTNS

Silicone-free, clean labels.

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