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Water proof

To seal the gap

The main constituent is EPDM rubber foam, which boasts superior heat, weather and chemical resistance (to acids and alkalis) compared to general purpose rubbers.


Prevent flooding from the lamp

The micropores regulate internal pressure while preventing dust/water ingress.


Waterproof material of LCD window frame

Flexible thin foam that is easy to work with can be used for clearances as small as 100μm.

Super Clean Foam SCF

Moisture-proof materials for boards

Simply coat the substrate for more reliability. 


Condensation absorbent material

Generating of the bacillus by dew condensation is prevented.

Strong Condensation Absorbing Tape

Prevent flooding from gap

Waterproofing tape excellent in weatherability.

Outdoor Waterproof Clearance Tape

Protect wound from water

Bandage which can be used easily. 

Waterproof Skin Bandage

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