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Heat Insulation

Foam Insulation

Fill gaps to shut out heat, water, sound, or vibrations. High-function sealing material of EPDM rubber foam.


Blocks heat & reduces friction creating a smooth surface

Electrical insulating adhesive tape using fluoroplastic film.

NITOFLON No. 903UL/No.9030UL

Polyimide Adhesive Tape for 180℃ Heat-resistant Insulatio

Widely used for heat-resistant electrical insulation of electrical/electronic equipments.

No.360 Series

Self-fusing tape offers superior heat and weather resistance

Offers superior heat and freeze resistance.

Self-fusing Silicone Tape No.66/No.660

Energy-saving Window Film

Energy Saving during Summer and Winter. Energy Saving (Solar Control and Heat Insulating) Window Film


Transparent Insulating Windowpane Film that can become double-glazed

Improves heating, and uses silica gel to prevent condensation. 

Energy-Saving Windowpane Insulating Sheet Clear

Insulation film with heat rays cut function

Simply apply to windows to cut UV and IR (heat rays) and prevent rising room temperatures.

Windowpane Sunglasses Energy-Saving Film EX

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