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Nitto EMEA donates FFP3 face masks made with its filter material Temish®


4,900 face masks donated to Policlinico Hospital in Milan, Italy

Nitto has joined forces with its customer GVS, a global technology leader in the development and manufacture of filtration solutions, in Italy to produce high grade face masks for medical use with Nitto's Temish® material, a breathable membrane which is excellent for the production of FFP2- and FFP3-grade masks. Nitto donated 4,900 ready-to-use FFP3-grade masks to support the medical staff in the Policlinico hospitals of the Lombardy area in Italy.

The Policlinico Hospital stated that they are very grateful for this important donation from Nitto. The Lombardy area has been hit really hard by the COVID-19 crisis. The Hospital thanks Nitto for this gesture in this particular difficult moment.

Donation of FFP3 face masks by Nitto EMEA
Manufacturer GVS explains: "The filter medium is crucial in a face mask, this is what keeps the virus out. The high-performing Temish® material supplied by Nitto is strategic for our production as we are focused on guaranteeing elevated quality standards. Nitto Temish® also makes the difference in terms of breathability, greatly improving the comfort level of the medical staff wearing GVS' masks all day long."

The base material for Temish® is PTFE. Nitto stretches very thin layers of this base material until these microscopic holes appear. These holes are big enough to let the oxygen molecules pass freely but too small for other elements like viruses to pass through the filter medium. This makes Temish® an excellent material for FFP2-grade and even FFP3-grade face masks.

Sam Strijckmans, president & CEO of Nitto EMEA: “It is important for Nitto to take up its social responsibility and we are happy that we can contribute to society through our products. Today we are able to donate these high-quality face masks made with our Temish® material to keep the medical staff in the Lombardy region safe and healthy while doing their job.”

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