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Airtec exhibition in Munich, Germany from 3-5 November 2015

Nitto Europe will be present at the Airtec exhibition in Munich, Germany. From the 3rd of November until the 5th of November we will meet professionals in the aircraft/aerospace market from all over Europe. Airtec is a special time for every company, providing an occasion to meet up with all the key players in the aerospace industry, seize fresh commercial opportunities, present their expertise and innovations to the world, and form technological and industrial partnerships.

Nitto leads the aerospace industry with a commitment to consistent quality, reliability and value. Nitto offers Fly Away Tapes (heat shielding, sound damping, mounting, anti-corrosion...) and Non Fly Away Tapes (composite bonding, masking, processing, surface protection,) for the manufacturing of aircrafts and its components. Visit us at the Belgian pavilion during the Airtec exhibition and convince yourself of the wide range of possibilities we have to offer.

Website Airtec exhibition: http://www.airtec.aero/

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