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Topics 2015


Entrepreneur in the classroom

Sam Strijckmans, Director & CFO at Nitto Europe and Johan De Boeck Director Operations & Corporate Services at Nitto Europe have participated in the ‘Vlajo Ondernemers voor de Klas’ project (= Entrepreneurs in the classroom). Vlajo is an organization in Flanders, Belgium, that promotes entrepreneurship to the next generation by building bridges between schools and companies. This project is the biggest co-operation between schools and companies in the region of Flanders in Belgium.

Mr. Strijckmans and Mr. De Boeck shared their experience in an interactive session with final year students. These students are facing the crucial choice between looking for a job or continue to study. The 'Entrepreneur in the classroom' initiative is the ideal way for students to get an accurate image of entrepreneurship and working in a company.

Starting from 12 January for 5 weeks, 350 local entrepreneurs and managers will give over 550 presentations to more than 11,000 students in Flanders, giving the students a unique opportunity to get into contact with the business and ask all their important questions. Nitto Europe is a longterm partner for 'Entrepreneur in the classroom', in the past Eric Pass and Johan Vanheusden have shared their experience with the final year students.

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