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Press Release 2011


Nitto Denko Tohoku Plant operation back on track

Japan's leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation announced today its Tohoku Plant, the company's medical-related production base, restarted some of the production lines once again, despite the recent strong aftershocks in northeast Japan.
Nitto Denko has first restarted Tohoku Plant on April 1, after shutting down production for weeks due to the last month's disaster. Although the plant was brought to a halt by the April 7 aftershock which knocked out essential supplies to the vicinity, Nitto Denko set the operation back on track without delay. As soon as power and water supply were restored, Nitto Denko conducted the necessary inspections on the plant’s facilities and swiftly resumed production. Meantime, the plant was unaffected by another magnitude 7.1 aftershock that struck offshore of Fukushima prefecture on April 11.
As for the other Nitto Denko sites in northeast Japan, they remain unaffected by either of two aftershocks. Nitto Denko will keep striving to overcome this unprecedented disaster in a group-wide concerted effort.

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