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Nitto Group Companies: 110 companies (as of March, 2010)

2009 Business Performance

Sales 601,859 million yen
Operating Income 56,086 million yen
Income before Income Taxes 53,698 million yen
Net Income 37,570 million yen
R&D Expenses 20,876 million yen
Capital Investment 37,147 million yen
Depreciation Cost 44,810 million yen
Total Assets 624,992 million yen
Equity 386,664 million yen
ROE 10.1%

Amount per Share

Net Income per Share 225.52 yen
Dividends per Share 40 yen

Regional Breakdown of Sales

Japan 203,982 million yen
The Americas 37,766 million yen
Europe 26,933 million yen
Asia & Oceania 333,177 million yen
  • Sales

  • Net Income

  • Ratio of R&D Expenses to Sales

  • Number of Employees

  • Breakdown of Employees by Region

  • Total Amount Donated (non-consolidated)

  • Number of Shareholders (non-consolidated)

  • Environmental Investment (non-consolidated)


  • Energy Purchased and Unit Energy Consumption

  • Total and Unit CO2 Emissions

  • Water Usage (non-consolidated)


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