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Press Release 2011


Nitto Denko’s new smartphone materials to make debut at Display Taiwan 2011

Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation (Nitto Denko) announced today it will debut its new electronics materials for smartphones during Display Taiwan 2011, taking place in Taipei, Taiwan, June 14-16, 2011. 
One of the two latest offerings is “SCF T100”, the thin flexible foaming material optimally meets the needs of smartphones and other electronics devices. SCF T100 serves as an ideal dust proof gasket material for smartphones and other electronics devices, as well as an excellent cushioning material for applications typified by liquid crystal display and organic light-emitting diode. 
The other is No.5600, the thinnest double coated tape in the industry with 5 micron thickness, half the size of conventional 10 micron-thick product. As thin-shaped smartphones have been in trend recently, No.5600 provides optimum solution for smartphone applications, wherein mechanical designs only allow certain limited and narrow space for the tapes to be applied. 
In addition to its superb thinness, No.5600 also excels in its low thermal resistance. 
Display Taiwan 2011 is the industry’s prestigious international exhibition, which provides an ideal promotional platform for global companies. Nitto Denko will set up the booth at the “J918” section of the event venue, the Taipei World Trade Center.

Special Features

Applications (example) Product strengths
SCF T100 Gasket material for smartphones and other electronics devices Low compression set
Excellent dust proof
Quick rebound
Superb shock-absorption
Sound proof
No. 5600
Fixing of various parts in thin electronics devices such as smartphones, fixing of thin-layered sheets, etc.
Thinnest adhesive tape ever in industry(5 micro millimeters)
Low thermal resistance
Excellent workability
Low dust emission

Nitto Denko’s smartphone materials

Alongside the aforementioned latest additions, Nitto Denko offers a broad range of specialty materials for smartphones. Our product line-up for meeting the various needs of electronics device applications includes; the market-leading optical film for liquid crystal displays, transparent conductive film for touch screen devices, transparent adhesive sheet for the enhanced visibility of optical devices, surface protection sheet, and so much more. With our extensive portfolio of electronics materials, Nitto Denko will further contribute to the ongoing evolution of mobile devices.

About Nitto Denko

Nitto Denko offers a wide spectrum of specialty materials from optical films for liquid crystal displays to automotive components, alongside desalination membranes and transdermal medicine patches and so much more, by adding various features to sheets and films with the company’s cutting-edge technologies based on its proprietary adhesive and coating expertise. 
Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Nitto Denko consists of some 33,000 employees working for more than 100 group companies worldwide to enable global provision of its offerings.


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