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Press Release 2011


Nitto Denko updates 14-language global Business Conduct Guidelines

Japan's leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation updated the Business Conduct Guidelines, which set the standards of legal and ethical compliance for all employees worldwide. 
The latest version of the Guidelines reflects changes in society’s landscapes since its publication in 2006, in the form of, among others, the new “Interactions with the global environment and communities” section. The Guidelines has been distributed to more than 30 thousand employees around the world to let them share the Nitto Denko value and always act in accordance with applicable laws and corporate ethics. To foster better understanding of the Guidelines internationally, it is available in 14 languages* including Malay, a new addition to the original lineup of the 13 most-spoken languages at Nitto Denko. 
Nitto Denko strives to become a continuously growing enterprise always trusted by society, with all employees pursuing the endeavor with pride, heart and integrity, guided by the "Open, Fair and Best" mindset as the very basis of actions.

English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Czech, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Japanese

Related information

The Business Conduct Guidelines is available for download in 14 languages: http://www.nitto.com/about_us/sustainability/governance/guideline/index.jsp
For more information about Nitto Denko’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, please visit: http://www.nitto.com/about_us/sustainability/index.jsp


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