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Press Release 2013


Company continues development of highly functional and econ-friendly products

Nitto Denko announces development of MARINGLIDE antiffouling protection film for marine applications

Japan's leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation has just announced the successful development of a revolutionary new protective film which can be applied to boat and ship hulls to prevent marine growth and bio-fouling. MARINGLIDE also, is easy to clean and replace, reduces fading of hull paint and is environmentally friendly. This is the first product Nitto Denko has created for the marine market. Nitto expects this product will become more popular as environmental awareness continues to grow. MARINGLIDE will be exhibited for the first time in public during the upcoming "Japan international boat show 2013" starting on March 7th in Pacifico Yokohama.


The issue of biofouling or marine growth has long plagued boat owners. It is the accumulation of various organisms, plants and algae such as barnacles, mussels, etc on the hulls of ships and boats. Marine growth damages the hull, adds weight and resistance thereby increasing fuel costs and is costly and difficult to remove and repair.

Images above show a boat hull that suffers from marine growth.

Images above show a boat hull that suffers from marine growth.

In the past copper-based paints have been the main option utilized, but they do not last long and pollute the marine environment. Their toxicity can make them difficult to handle, apply and remove. As environmental awareness grows various locations have introduced measures to restrict and/or minimize their usage. For example, from 2019 the use of the copper-based paint for the pleasure craft will be completely prohibited in San Diego City and also Washington.

Nitto Denko has put its skills and experience gained through the development of cutting edge products using coating and adhesive technologies to develop a convenient, and eco-friendly solution to marine growth which is superior to paint based alternatives.


1.Environmentally friendly
MARINGLIDE does not require the use of volatile organic compounds and is therefore good for both the environment and for workers performing maintenance. Its use removes the need for acid cleaning which is often required with the use of toxic paints.

2. Extended protection against bio-fouling
MARINGLIDE protection film is expected to be able to protect ship and boat hulls from bio-fouling for periods of up to three years. This is comparable to most paint products. The precise period will differ somewhat depending on location of use, the purity of the water etc.

3. Ease of use
You can easily remove an encrustation such as barnacles with high pressure lavation (see figure, below left) during maintenance. When the film needs to be replaced it can be easily removed just by peeling it off (see figure, below right).

Ease of use

4. Increased fuel efficiency
Frictional resistance with the water is greatly reduced due to the film providing greater smoothness. This should result in improved fuel efficiency.

5. Impact resistance
MARINGLIDE film protects the boat or ship hull from bumps, scratches and minor impacts.

6. Design
MARINGLIDE has been created with good design in mind. It is a transparent film, and will assist in preventing fading of the paint on a vessel’s hull caused by the sun.


Product launch: FY2014
Target applications: Protection of pleasure craft hulls
Sales target: 2,000 million yen for FY2018

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