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Press Release 2011


Hokunalin® Tape (tulobuterol patch), a long-acting transdermal bronchodilator,is now in new packages printed with the content on the tape surface and the barcode on the pouch

Abbott Japan Co., .Ltd. (Pharma Products Group in Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Gary M. Winer), Nitto Denko Corporation (Head office in Osaka, President Yukio Nagira), and Maruho Co., Ltd.,(Head office in Osaka, President Koichi Takagi) announced that Hokunalin®Tape (generic name:tulobuterol) is now printed with the content of the active ingredient tulobuterol on the surface of each tape and a barcode on the pouch for the convenience of the physician and the patient. (See Photo) 

Hokunalin®Tape is a long-acting transdermal b2 agonist, developed by Abbott Japan and Nitto Denko Corporation, marketed by Abbott Japan and Maruho. It indicated for the treatment of relief of various symptoms, such as dyspnea, resulting from airway obstruction in bronchial asthma, acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, and pulmonary emphysema. 

A large number of vehicles for transdermal application are now available for various types of drugs due to the convenience and good adherence associated with this method of application. Although each piece of Hokunalin Tape has been printed with HOKUNALIN and an illustration of the lungs, the new version of Hokunalin Tape is printed with the content of its active ingredient tulobuterol to ensure that health care professionals are aware of the dose of tulobuterol being administered during emergencies and other conditions requiring prompt intervention.

The pouch of each Hokunalin Tape is also printed with a Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) Code in accordance with Notification No.0915001 of the Safety Division of the Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau of the MHLW dated September 15, 2006 and entitled "On the Use of Bar Codes on Ethical Drugs" to prevent mix-ups and ensure traceability.

We are convinced these new features will contribute to the ease of use of our products and will help medical professionals better serve their patients who are using Hokunalin tape.

Photographs of the original and revised Hokunalin Tape products

Products of Abbott Japan

Products of Abbott Japan

Products of Maruho

Products of Maruho

How to inform patients about the new tape surface and pouch
①Copies of a document to inform patients about the new tape surface and pouch, which can be used as a letter from health care professionals such as physicians and pharmacists to patients, are attached to Hokunalin Tape products.
②Copies of a table of comparison between the conventional and revised products will be distributed to pharmacists and physicians to help health care professionals explain the revised Hokunalin tape to patients.
③The illustrations of Hokunalin®Tape in "How to use Hokunalin®Tape", a written set of instructions provided by health care professionals to patients, have been replaced by illustrations of the revised tape surface and pouch.


[About Hokunalin Tape]
Hokunalin®Tape is the world’s first long-acting transdermal b2 agonist, developed by Abbott Japan Co., Ltd. (Hokuriku Seiyaku Co., Ltd. at the time of its development and launch) and Nitto Denko Corporation. It was launched on the market in Japan by Maruho Co., Ltd. and Abbott Japan Co., Ltd. in December 1998. Hokunalin®Tape contains tulobuterol as the active ingredient, and exerts effects for 24 hours. The officially approved indication for use of it is “relief of various symptoms, such as dyspnea, resulting from airway obstruction in bronchial asthma, acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, and pulmonary emphysema.” It should be applied to the chest, back, or upper arm once daily. Hokunalin®Tape won the Science and Technology Agency Award in 1998 and the Drug Discovery Award of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan in 2001. In the guidelines for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Hokunalin®Tape is listed as a long-acting bronchodilator. 

[About Abbott]
Abbott is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical products, including nutritionals, devices and diagnostics. The company employs nearly 90,000 people and markets its products in more than 130 countries.

Abbott Japan has approximately 2,800 Abbott employees are devoted to the marketing and distribution across all of its businesses. Abbott's main offices in Japan are located in Tokyo, Fukui, and Chiba.

Abbott's new releases and other information are available on the company's websites at

[About Maruho]
Maruho, headquartered in Osaka, is a pharmaceutical company devoted to research on and development, manufacture, and distribution of ethical drugs. With the mission of contributing to the health of people throughout the world, we are expanding the range of dermatological products, including drugs applied to the skin such as ointments and transdermal products, through which drugs are delivered to the body to treat diseases. We hope to achieve our long-term vision of being a "boutique company specialized in dermatological products". Maruho employs about 1,000 people, and has sales offices throughout Japan, a R&D center in Kyoto City and a manufacturing plant in Hikone City.

[About Nitto Denko]
Nitto Denko produces optical films for liquid crystal displays, automotive components, desalination membranes, transdermal products, and other special products by adding various features to sheets and films using its state-of-the-art technologies based on its unique adhesive and coating techniques.

Headquartered in Osaka, Nikko Denko employs about 28,000 people and owns more than 110 group companies to enable global provision of its products.

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