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Press Release 2011


Critical step toward the commercialization of the optical waveguide biosensor

Set up of the prototyping centre at the joint research facility in Singapore

Nitto Denko Asia technical centre(NAT), Nitto Denko Corporation’s subsidiary in Singapore, has decided to set up a prototyping centre in the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering(IMRE). IMRE, which is under the Agency for Science Technology and Research(A* STAR), is NAT’s collaborator in this project.


NAT has been developing organic optoelectronic devices, in collaboration with IMRE and other research institutions, since it was established in 2008. Now NAT has made a critical step toward the commercialization of its optical waveguide biosensor. NAT has decided to set up a prototyping centre in order to supply sufficient amount of samples to the business partners and to develop new process and a scale-up technologies.
Locating the prototyping centre at IMRE will enable NAT to develop new process technologies more efficiently along with enabling it to accelerate the process toward commercialization, which is planned for early 2012. NAT’s optical waveguide can solve the issues of high cost and complicated processing in the manufacture of conventional optical communication systems. It is expected to be applied to a wide variety of applications including a new range of low-cost, easy-to-use, home-based, consumer biosensors.

Outline of the prototyping centre

1) Objectives : Prototyping of optical waveguide and new process technologies development.
2) Location : Inside IMRE (10 mins drive from NAT)
3) Commencement of operation : Jun. 2011

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