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DURARhythm Update


Updates DURA Rhythm Ver.5.2 or later to 5.8X.
DURA Rhythm Ver.5.2 or later needs to be installed for this download.
  • * As of May 2011, the software update support for DURA Rhythm has expired.
    For further support, please update the software to Label studio.NET


Nitto Denko Corporation

Liability Limitation

Nitto Denko is not held responsible for any derivative, collateral, and/or indirect damage (such as lost earnings, interruption of operations, lost operational information, etc.) due to the usage or inability to use this software, even if prior notice of the possibility of such damage or a liability claim from a third party is given.

Download DuraRhythmUpV58X.exe (2.89MB)

  • *Download
    By clicking on Download, the browser will ask whether to “Run” or “Save to Disk.” Choose “Save to Disk” and save the file in a download folder
  • *Run
    Run the file saved to disk. The installation program will begin. Follow the instructions of the installation program.


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