Nitto’s new space designing solution “grants your wishes” by letting you “attach color” to things.

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Space decoration tape “HARU stuck-on design;” sticks and peels off without leaving hardly any adhesive residue. Capable of changing daily life just a little bit simply by applying it, it’s a new way of decorating space that was previously impossible with traditional space decoration techniques.

Nitto's Innovation

HARU stuck-on design; is a space decorative tape. The conventional way to decorate space is to use a coating material as paint or spray, but such coating materials can be difficult to handle and difficult to remove once they are applied. Capable of being peeled off and removed without leaving hardly any adhesive residue, HARU stuck-on design is a masking tape that you can use to freely design a space in any color you like, any time you want. With nothing like it ever before, this product is attracting attention from all over the world as a new method of decorating spaces.

HARU stuck-on design;

The moderate adhesive strength to apply and remove without leaving adhesive residue was realized by Nitto’s adhesion technology that has been used in a wide range of tapes and films from industrial to medical applications. Using Japanese paper, polyester, or transparent polypropylene as the base tape material, HARU stuck-on design; offers an original texture and coloring that cannot be achieved with ordinary paint. Available in a wide variety of colors, the product also allows you to create a new colors by simply overlapping the tapes, allowing anyone to freely color space.

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