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PENJEREX® Energy savings in both summer and winter

PENJEREX provides year round energy savings by shielding windows from heat waves (sunlight) during summer and reducing the amount of heat that escapes from the window in winter.
A sophisticated high transparency window insulation film, PENJEREX allows owners to benefit from insulation properties while maintaining the natural look inside the building. It also blocks harmful UV rays that fades furnishings, and prevents the scattering of glass fragments if a window breaks.

The Five Features of PENJEREX®

  • 『Highest thermal insulation in the industry Top-ranked solar control properties』For comfortable temperatures during cold winters and hot summers.
  • 『Energy saving』Saves energy by increasing the efficiency of air conditioners and heaters.
  • 『Transparency』High transparency allows natural light into the building.
  • 『Anti-shattering』Keeps glass fragments together in the event of a window break during a storm.
  • 『UV Reduction』Protects furnishings from fading by blocking UV rays.

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