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Press Release 2018


UniSA Students Learn About Innovation During Trip to Nitto Japan

In June, we welcomed the University of South Australia (UniSA) to Nitto’s Innovation centre in Tokyo, Japan to learn about Nitto, innovation and our 13,500+ product range in over 70 different business fields.

The visit kicked off with a tour around the facility, where students were given the opportunity to experience Nitto’s approach to solving complex customer needs and what we really mean by our brand slogan, “Innovation for Customers”.

UniSA, which is ranked in the top 10 institutions in Australia, brought 16 of the university’s students along to Nitto during an annual trip to Japan that aims to provide students with the chance to explore international markets and learn about Japanese business culture.

Nitto Australia’s own Sales and Marketing Director, Ben Mitchell was there to greet UniSA. Ben, who studied his MBA at the university gave a presentation showcasing Nitto’s 100 years developing innovative products and shared what the Nitto Way means to Nitto members.

Like many of our customers, when the students learned about the scale of Nitto’s product range, they could not help but be astounded, with one student commenting: “It is truly amazing how many products Nitto has in the market and the amount they have contributed to our daily lives without us even realising”.

Nitto has been changing the world from unseen places for 100 years now and Ben shared a snap shot of just some of the industries where the students might find Nitto products including; electrical, transportation, agriculture, infrastructure, medical, electronics, touch screen devices and the home.

Ben commented saying; “Having attended UniSA myself, I know that innovation is a core value of the University and recognised an alignment between this value and Nitto’s mission to contribute to our customers’ value creation with innovative ideas.

Nitto asked the students to define innovation following the presentation and below are just some of the response we received:
Following the visit, the students understood that Nitto’s promise, “Innovation for Customers” is a more than a brand slogan, it is a symbolic representation of our Corporate Philosophy. The Nitto Group is committed to innovating in a customer-oriented manner, and our brand slogan reflects this commitment. Under this slogan, members of the Nitto Group strive to practice “The Nitto Way” in their daily actions and contribute to customers’ value creation with innovative ideas.

Dr Bruce Gurd, academic leader of the tour, noted: "Our students were impressed with the innovation drive of Nitto and the whole culture of innovation to meet essential customer needs using outstanding technology. We noticed the shift from a largely B2B to B2C with some interesting applications of the core technologies for the consumer market. Our students were amazed how that from its humbler beginnings producing electrical insulation tape, Nitto now produced over 13,500 smart products. We would certainly bring students back.

Ben commented on the visit by saying: “It was a real honour to share Nitto’s corporate philosophy and business concepts with my alumni from UniSA. It is always great for students to connect the academic world with the business world and I am looking forward to continuing to share the amazing facility at the innovation centre with other institutions and customers alike”.

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