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Premium Vinyl Marking Tape N34

N34 is a premium product with a quality PVC backing and a versatile rubber adhesive. N34 has been engineered for a variety of applications with many uses in the aerospace, electrical and industrial markets.

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• Sturdy 6 mil vinyl tape which provides great durability under heavy wear and traffic conditions.
• Highly conformable to many surface types.
• Provides great resistance to abrasion, oil, grease, solvents and UV.
• Immersion in water will not cause disintegration or loosening.
• P-34 has 7 available colors including colors that can be used with satisfying O.S.H.A.



BACKING MATERIAL Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film
ADHESIVE Rubber-base
COLOR Black, dark blue, orange, red, white, clear and yellow
TOTAL TAPE THICKNESS 6.18 mil 0.157 mm
TENSILE STRENGTH 349 oz/in 72.6 N/19 mm
ADHESION TO STEEL 23 oz/in 4.8 N/19 mm
ELONGATION 223% 223%

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours (EST) 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

  • TEL1-800-755-8273
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