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EcoFlash® 3D Flexible Type Flashing Tape EF525NF™

High performance butyl tape designed to protect against water and air intrusion in all flashing applications.

EcoFlash® is made with a butyl-rubber adhesive instead of the traditional asphalt. An eco-friendly product, butyl is non-toxic and non-allergenic, and is safe around sealants, plasticizers, and windows. Butyl is stable in hot and cold temperatures, and can be installed without primers or mechanical fasteners - saving you time and money. Engineered to provide a superior moisture barrier, EcoFlash® is self-adhering and conforms to irregular surfaces and nails by self-healing. Our Amœba® Technology, can help provide an even better barrier by flexing in any direction to give window sills, corners, apertures, and recessed openings ideal coverage with less tape then a traditional straight type flashing.
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  • Thickly coated with a special butyl adhesive for superior adhesive strength and water-resistance.
  • Superior weather resistance and long-lasting waterproofness. Properties are not affected by weather changes.



LENGTH 16 yd 15 m
TOTAL TAPE THICKNESS 19 mil & 39 mil 0.5 mm & 1.0 mm

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Customer Support Center

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