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Polarizing Film with Visual Compensation Film NWF

TFT-LCD visual compensation film is treated uniformly with the polarization film.

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Viewing Angle Properties

Left: Polarization film / Right: NWF (Image 4)


From Front - Left: Polarization film / Right: NWF


From Side - Left: Polarization film / Right: NWF


From Top - Left: Polarization film / Right: NWF

Optical Properties

Polarizing film used: HEG1425DU
Single transmittance 43.0%
Polarization efficiency 99.9%
Hue a -1.5(NBS)
Hue b 4.0(NBS)
Average tilt 15.5°
Through-thickness (Re) 137nm


  • * The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance

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