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Waterproof/Sealing Material

Extruded Sealing Materials No.652V

Easy-to-process Extruded sealing material

Roofing Sheet ZENTEN® Sheet GRA-80/GRA-100/GR

[metal/tile] Roofing (built-up roofing material).

Foam Sealing Material SEAL-SAVER

Offers a high level of waterproofing while maintaining all the basic function of NITTO EPTSEALER.


Foam sealing material with superior resistance to weather, cold, heat and chemicals.

Airtight Tape ZENTEN® Tape No.690 / No.6922 / No.6924 / No.6931

Waterproofing/airtight tape (for around joints and apertural area).

Waterproof, Airtight Tape for Irregular Shaped Parts HYPERFLASH No.6951

Waterproof and airproof taping (for various places such as windowsill edges).

ecoFLASH* EF400


Ribbon Dope Thread Sealant P-412

Ribbon Dope Thread Sealant

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