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Silicone Rubber, Self-fusing Tape with Excellent Heat and Weather Resistance No.66 / No.660 / No.68

Self-fusing tape which offers excellent heat and weather resistance.

Adhesive tape which utilizes properties of remarkably heat-resistant, weather-resistant self-fusing tape and silicone resin. Meets a wide range of needs, from insulating material for electric equipment, to insulation, protection, and bundling of automobile wire harnesses.
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  • Excellent heat/cold resistant capabilities.
  • The tapes are unified by fusing together.
  • Excellent electrical properties.



Product No. Thickness [mm] Length [m] Tensile strength
breakdown voltage [KV/tape thickness]
No.66 0.5 15 70 570 20
No.660 0.22 15 25 400 13
No.68 0.3 15 100 16 17

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  • * Measurements provided here are measurement value examples and are not guaranteed.


For insulating, protecting, and bundling wire harnesses located close to the engine.

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